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'How to make a smell walk'

1/ Sensory Kit PDF

2/ Scent Cards PDF 

3/ Smell Walk Recorder PDF

4/ Scent Cards JPEG Files

5/ Sensory Kit JPEG Files

Games & Greenock

6/ Games and Greenock Activity PDF

Curating Objects

7/ Writing Labels Student Resources PDF

8/ Writing Labels Teachers' Resources PDF

Sensory Oral Histories

9/ Sensory Oral History Student Activity .docx

10/ Sensory Oral History Teacher Activity .docx

11/ Pupil  Worksheet Interviewing Practice .docx

12/ Consent Form .docx

13/ Accompanying slides .ppt

Story Maps: The Smells of Greenock

14/ Story Map Link

Username: Greenock_Sugaropolis
Password: Sugarop0lis

15/ Digimap for Schools Resources PDF

16/ Resources for ArcGIS Online Story Map Home Link

17/ Resources for ArcGIS Online Story Map Discover Link

Other Resources

18/ Scotland on Screen Lesson Guides Link

19/ Inverclyde Council History of Sugar Link