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Remembering Sugaropolis
Online teaching and learning activities


We invite schools in the Inverclyde area to participate in the online exhibition


Sensory Oral Histories
Dr Marisa Wilson
University of Edinburgh

Can sensory memories capture hidden histories of people, places and things?


We will share local stories of Greenock’s sugar industry, as experienced through its sights, smells, sounds and tastes. We will see how sensory stories from our oral history research reveal surprising details about life in mid-twentieth century Inverclyde. You will then learn how to conduct your own sensory oral history interview to explore Inverclyde’s hidden histories.

We will learn how to use computer games to explore a place’s history. We will explore how games can be used in learning, and see examples of history games we have developed for Greenock’s sugar industry.

We will find out more about the diversity of games technologies available today, before being tasked with researching and designing your own game about Greenock.

Games and Greenock
Dr Robin Sloan 
Dr Mona Bozdog
School of Design and Informatics
Abertay University
Curating Objects
Dr Emma Bond
University of St Andrews

We will learn what is involved in writing a display label for an object in a museum collection.

We will look at images of sugar-related objects in the Watt Institution’s collection and think about the different stories we could tell museum visitors about them. 

'How to make a smell walk'
Dr Emma Bond
Dr Mona Bozog
University of St Andrews &
School of Design and Informatics
Abertay University

This activity will introduce you to the ‘Remembering Sugaropolis’ project, and will show you how to make your own smell-walk. The map provided is of Greenock, but you can carry out your smell-walk anywhere – just follow the instructions and off you go!

Story Maps: The Smells of Greenock
Guy McGarva
University of Edinburgh

We will learn how to navigate a story map developed with data from our sensory oral history interviews. We will explain how to create online story maps to share knowledge about a place’s histories and geographies.

We will also provide a step-by-step guide for accessing the software, which is available to schools. Students from participating schools will be encouraged to create their own story maps about their home town.

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